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Anne Pechovnik


I engage with art and creativity as vehicles for balance and joy.

During two decades as a nurse in the hospital setting, I developed a number of practices to help me with stress and enliven my life. Art for process allows me to relax, be present, to express and explore myself, and ultimately to widen my vision and capacity. Allowing creativity into my daily routine has helped me so profoundly that I want to make it available to others. 

I am staff with The Painting Experience and a certified SoulCollage Facilitator. These very different processes draw on imagination, creativity and unfiltered response to imagery. I have spent years journaling on my own and developing methods to work with a variety of materials through experiment, research and learning from others. 

In all my work I prefer to use low cost, easily found materials so that it is possible to continue creative practice outside of the studio. I see my role as a companion and guide through landscapes familiar and unremembered rather than as an expert who conveys knowledge to another. Work with a trusted other is often necessary to open our awareness to see beyond our current ways of being. 

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