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self care saturday

Creative practices bring joy, relaxation, pleasure, and other inexpressible benefits. At Pathfish Studio we return to our senses through simple art activities that calm the mind and body without dulling the awareness. 

Nurses and other professionals who spend hours intensely focused on helping others need to counteract the stress that accumulates as a result. Creativity is not only calming but provides the unique opportunity discharge energy and emotion in a healthy manner.

Spend time exploring your creativity in three different activities that will delight your senses and open your heart in a space free from comparison and restrictions.

No previous art experience is necessary.

If you can use scissors or hold a paint brush, you have everything you need to delight in your intrinsic creativity !


Morning session 1: Grounding through visual journaling.

Morning session 2: Insight from SoulCollage® cards.

Brown bag lunch break

Afternoon session: Expression with process painting.

All materials are supplied by the studio.                                 $125

Wounded Healer.jpeg
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