Whether a term of painting classes or a SoulCollage® series, a workshop in a special location or a mix of everything we do put together for a special group, events at Pathfish Studio change with the seasons. Find something special when you explore this page.

Painting for process rather than product can be relaxing and also moving. Using only on imagination and inclination, each participant's unique image unfolds without being called to paint according to technique, subject or any other requirements. There is no comparison or evaluation by the facilitator or the group. Working in this way invites a unique environment for both play and depth.

Pathfish Studio offers an all-day painting workshop one Saturday a month. Individuals and groups can contact me to schedule half-day and all-day painting sessions at other times. 

Several times a month, Pathfish Studio offers SoulCollage® events. Participants spend time browsing through pre-existing images from magazines, calendars, books, and other material. We cut and paste the images together in small collages and explore them verbally and in writing. They bring conflicting voices into dialogue, offering participants access to their own wisdom and the opportunity to find kindness and compassion for all aspects of themselves. Over time, a collection of the collages can be used for further exploration and self-guidance.

A table with Visual Jornaling supplies

Visual Journaling combines words and images for personal expression, exploration, documentation and relaxation. Paint, ink, paper; stamping, scraping, tearing; maps, discarded books, junk mail; possible materials and approaches are limitless. Together we can explore how to start journaling: possible journal structures, different approaches to creating a page, using prompts. Or we can design a session to explore your particular interests. 


Process Painting $95

3rd Saturday 10am-4pm


SoulCollage® Open Studio $15

1st Wednesday 10-noon

1st Sunday 1:30-3:30


SoulCollage® Monthly $25

3rd Wednesday  9am-noon

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