Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pathfish Studio is a trade name of Mark Pechovnik, LLC, in Portland, Oregon. It offers space and materials for exploration and expression using art. Studio services are separate from the mental health services provided by Mountaingate Therapy, another trade name of Mark Pechovnik, LLC, and are not art therapy.  Pathfish Studio began in 2007 as a space for process painters to meet weekly and support one another. With a mission to provide affordable access to art for insight and growth, it is has helped the public explore the creative process in an atmosphere of freedom and non-judgment. The events offered by the studio provide the opportunity to create art in a respectful, supportive and stimulating environment.


The following information will help you use and understand studio programs and this website.


Conditions of Attendance
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Conditions of Attendance

Assumption of Risk

When you register for a program with Pathfish Studio, you agree to participate in an activity that may include physical, emotional, and psychological activity. Such activities always involve a certain amount of risk. In a group setting, the facilitator cannot always monitor your physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and your registration demonstrates your consent to take responsibility for assessing the risk any activity poses to you, and choosing a safe course of action for yourself.


By your registration, you affirm that you assume the risk and responsibility for any injuries or damages suffered by you arising out of your participation in a Pathfish Studio event.

Use of Your Likeness or Images

Photographs of you. While you are attending an event at Pathfish Studio, you may notice the facilitator or a staff member taking photographs of event participants. Some of these photographs may be used by Pathfish Studio for promotional, educational, or informational purposes and may appear in the following places:

  • a private database of workshop participants

  • the website

  • studio social media feeds

  • studio electronic newsletters, or

  • other electronic or printed communications.


By participating in a Pathfish Studio event, you agree that the studio may take photographs that include your likeness and that such photographs may be used by the studio for the purposes listed in this section, without compensation to you of any kind.


Photographs of your art. When you attend a Pathfish Studio program, the facilitator or a staff member may take photographs of your art. Some of these photographs may be used for the purposes and in the locations listed in the section above, without attribution and without compensation to you of any kind.


Photographing your paintings does not imply a judgment on their value, good or bad. The studio has simply found that people are more inspired to participate in process art when they see a variety of images from the studio. If you are not comfortable having your art photographed and shared, please feel free to:

  • Inform the program facilitator that you don’t want your art to be photographed.

  • Ask the studio to remove an image of your art that appears on its website or in a social media feed over which it has control.

Your Own Photography and Recording Devices in the Studio

If you wish to photograph your own art during a Pathfish Studio program, you are welcome to do so. The studio prefers that you photograph your art during scheduled breaks between workshop sessions. Please do not photograph other participants’ art.

Personal audio or video recording devices are not allowed during any event offered by Pathfish Studio, unless you have been granted permission prior to the start of the event.

Uncensored Visual Expression

In Pathfish Studio events. When you participate in a program with Pathfish Studio, your art process will not be censored. Each participant has full permission to create or use whatever images naturally arise for them. That means you may see images that contain nudity, sexuality, or violence. You are just as likely to see flowers, hearts, animals, and polka dots. It’s all allowed. For this reason, studio events may not be suitable for children or for others who may be sensitive to particular kinds of visual imagery. Please assess your own needs in this regard and contact the studio if you have questions before registering for a program.


On the Pathfish Studio website. The studio endeavors to use a PG-13 standard for the website — that is, to keep it suitable for everyone but young children. That said, you may from time to time find an image on the website that contains non-obscene nudity or some content that refers to sexuality in general terms — for instance, an article mentioning that sexual images may arise during the painting process.

Privacy Policy

Pathfish Studio has adopted a comprehensive privacy policy that governs how the studio uses, shares, and protects your information. See Privacy Policy.

Cancellation Policy

For information about cancelling your registration, as well as other details about workshop signups, see Registration FAQs.

Contact the studio

You can opt out of receiving communications from Pathfish Studio or get in touch with the studio about any other concerns you may have about this website.

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These Terms and Conditions were last updated on October 24, 2018.